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2021 Is Here! I'm Ready!

Well here it is, a new year, 2021. Last year I swore I would begin the year new, refreshed, healthy, focused. You know, 2020 Vision. Well we know what happened to that resolution. I ended up throwing my vision board in the trash, pulling out all types of chips, dips, cookies, whatever, to help pass the days away. Soon, I found myself 20 pounds overweight, worried about the future of my business, and back to working a 9 to 5, even though I swore I would not work for anyone but myself. Be careful what you say aloud, Karma is listening.

After many months of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to stand up and take back what 2020 tried to steal from so many people across the world, hope. I began looking at 2020 differently. It was a challenge, and yes I missed my family, but am blessed to still have them, healthy and thriving, in spite of it all. I found myself looking around at what I have and seeing the value in it. And I spent time chatting more with friends I haven't spoken to in years. I took the time to refresh some recipes, and clean the dang garage out, finally.

So here we are, 2021. I haven't set a bunch of goals...stay healthy and grateful, spend as much time meditating and be ready for whatever 2021 has in store.

Our Challenge in In 2021 is to stay focused and control what we can control. That's why we have decided to add a new product line, Prestwick by Memphis, update our recipes to reflect a cleaner way of eating, and taking on new ventures that will include more options globally. Our team at ASE Catering, will be doing monthly blogs on recipes, tips and tricks for preparing healthy meals in 2021, without compromising flavor, and journaling my own weight lost and healthy living challenges.

Let's get started 2021...We are ready for you!

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