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Courage to succeed in 2021

Well 2020 was definitely the year of clear vision. Clearly it allowed most people globally to realize their true self. It opened my eyes, that's for sure. I spent most of it locked up in my small bubble, fearful of going out to anyone's home, regretting a few things and appreciating most. My goodness, it was quiet! Until my daughter and her family came to stay with me towards the end of the year for a few months. Wow is she loud.

Business? Well it suffered tremendously. Plans to do our official launch were postponed, client events were canceled, bills began piling up and signs of recovering looked impossible.

I had to pull it together or throw in the towel. Lord knows I threatened to just close the doors and move on from catering for good. Friends and family encouraged me to stay focused and not quit. It's important to have people in your corner...I definitely have some great ones in mine. I had long talks with the Almighty that helped me see this time wasn't for me to give up, it was for me to see my strength. And that I did. I got creative and opened my online store. We started the process of blind taste testing, sold a few cakes and did a couple of small events. There was zero time to feel sorry. We have no idea when this will end...just be ready. That's what I keep saying...just be ready.

So now it's March and I am ready. We have our sauce going through the shelf life test process, have signed up for a couple of local fairs, are planning on doing a BBQ grab and go event and road shows. I am in the middle of finishing my cookbook which is scheduled for the Fall, and am learning how to make healthy options that taste just as good as all that wonderful stuff we grew up on. (Except cake. Cake is cake and should never be Vegan and Gluten free).

So excited and nervous, but positive and know this is my time.

Captain Sister Twenty Twenty-one is turning around this ship. Yes I got fatter, and older, lost a few more eyebrows, but gained a bunch of courage.I got more determined to make this a successful company.

Look for our Prestwick by Memphis BBQ Sauce online by Q2, and stores by Q3. You can order some sweet treats online, (local Bay Area only), and still book small events of 40 or less. My team will soon have their vaccines and we will be able to extend that number once it's safe for everyone.

Be ready!

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